Responding in Healthy Way to Sexual Triggers

Responding in Healthy Way to Sexual Triggers

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Being in control of your sexual triggers will allow you to react to sexual images, people and situations in a healthy way by tapping into the infinite power of your subconscious mind.

The first stage of the human sexual response cycle is desire.  Sexual triggers are occurrences and events that can trigger sexual desire, i.e., a sexy advertisement that pops up when you are checking on a sports score. For healthy sexual beings, triggers can be the first sequence of the launch code toward a positive healthy sexual experience.  On the other hand, for people who are struggling with problematic sexual behavior, triggers can be the first step toward relationship or employment disaster.

This hypnotherapy session will help you to be in control of your responses to triggers so you don’t react in the unhealthy way that you used to.  It is a very gentle process that helps to slow things down for you and give you control over your behavior.

Like all of our hypnotherapy sessions we take a positive approach that builds on your strengths and empowers you to feel in control of your decisions. This recording is an essential part of healing for most people and one of our most popular recordings in the sex addiction series.