Erectile Difficulties

Erectile Difficulties

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If the cause is psychological, the ED session will help you to get and maintain firm erections by tapping into the infinite power of your subconscious mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy sex.

When it comes to ED, there are a multitude of possible causes.  In order to treat the problem we need an accurate diagnosis.  If you have ED and have not been examined by a physician, I strongly encourage you to do so.  The penis can be a barometer for a man’s health.  According to Harvard Medical School, up to 30% of men who see their doctors about ED, it turns out the condition was the first hint that they have cardiovascular disease.  Erections are all about blood flow and if you are not achieving good erections it may be a sign of cardiovascular disease so please take this seriously.


That said, when the cause of ED is psychological, hypnotherapy can be highly effective in creating sustainable change.  This session can help men if the cause of ED is related to emotional issues such as the inability to focus or relax, worry, fear, stress, or performance anxiety.  This session was created to help allow you to be present, relax and enjoy sex.

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